After a little diversion from the usual industry I’m back on it and will be posting images from Germany and Belgium again.It was fun doing the recent stuff, but I felt that it was time for a change so I have ventured back into the (almost) archives.

This image is from the battery room at the mine (I think) we believe that the tins were loaded with batteries for the miners. the cradles on which they sit have small LED lights that I presume would show if they were charged or not. This area appeared to be the clean / dirty threshold for the mine, where the miners would come and get ready to go into the depths.

I liked the texture on the boxes here and knew that they would come out well after processing. The image is shot with the 60mm macro and processed in Photomatix and Photoshop using the NIK suite of filters

Battery cases at a disused mine in Germany (Mark Blundell)

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