I recently took some pictures of E for a maternity shoot. I was really happy with them, I think E was too. In fact I think that they were the best set of images I’ve taken in a log time which is why I keep returning to them. There are a couple of photographers that I really admire – Felix, Sue and Joey to name a few, their work is what I aspire to. Its been great looking at ther work and learning how the lighting that they use is totally possible. I feel that their work is (obviously) better than mine but certainly no unobtainable with a good deal of practice.

This led me to think about my own style of portraiture and how its developed over the last eighteen months, what I like and what I don’t like so much and therefore onto what a client might like. Of the recent sets that I have shot my processing has become better, however the images that I like may not appeal to all, especially if i am doing a maternity shoot for instance. It’s important for any client to know what they will get out of a shoot. For instance I am better (enjoy more) shooting against a backdrop than using an environment. I like to be able to manipulate the lighting and also to try to pose a client, something that I’m not as good as I would like to be at.


My processing is generally dark, or  it has a dark twist to it, I like to use texture overlays for instance to achieve a weathered, almost vintage look and feel, again, this might not always be to a models taste.


I suppose what I am saying is that what I like might not be what you like, so its important to be clear from the outset if someone is paying for time with a photographer, equally the photographer should be able to shoot how a client wants otherwise there will be two parties which are unhappy.

Its my style though and its what I like. I’m sure that I’ll have changed in six months!