I’m getting towards the end of this set from West Park I think. I need a little break from relentless processing to start afresh. with renewed vigour. Its not helping that my 550D is in the repair shop after being dropped at some point. Where and when, I’m,  not sure. but the pentamirror is out of line and new parts are required. When these will arrive is anybody’s guess given the situation in Japan. I’ve had an estimate of anywhere between ‘a few days’ and ‘three weeks’. Which isn’t any good as I’m off to Belgium fairly soon. Then follows a dilemma. Do I buy a 5DMk2, or take my 10ooD on a trip that I may never do again – tough decisions ahead!

I’ll certainly be going full frame at some point, but REALLY want to wait until the 5DMk3 comes out which is rumoured to be a couple of months.

The fix is going to cost £200+, so don’t drop that camera!

 (Mark Blundell)

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