I was going to write a post about the Warrior Fight Series event, but I always do that so I thought that I’d write about the weigh ins instead as I really enjoyed the shoot, so I hope you will keep visiting my blog after you see this.
Warrior Fight Series

Previous weigh ins have been held at the Team Titan gym in North West London, its a great gym, but unfortunately for me the ceiling is low meaning that I cant shoot quite how I want to. This time the shoot was at York Hall in London where the event was going to be held the following day. This enabled me to use my front light up high and my two side lights well away from the subject.

Warrior Fight SEries
As always the fighters and coaches were ace, a few came in overweight which caused issues but the majority of the fighters were spot on. There were the usual ‘your scales were not right’ despite the fact that they were brand new out of the box. That’s pretty standard fare though.



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