Finally back from Italy, around 3,000 miles driven over 11 days, what a great trip. My exploring partners and I have seen some wonderful locations, got some great photos all with little incident despite getting caught three times.

The picture below was taken at an abandoned manor house, well, its a bit more than that to be honest! If someone were to say ‘design the most out there interior possible’ this is what you would do. The room shown here is probably the least garish of the whole place. It was an early start to get and a risky visit as the location is well alarmed and we had heard of high fines if caught so the team was ultra vigilant.

The light in the room was great, huge windows behind where this was taken lighting the lovely white walls.

 (Mark Blundell)

The shot was taken with my Zenitar 16mm fisheye, its an M42 screwwmount lens from my Zenitar 122B and totally manual. Fixed aperture and manual focus. It’s not the easiest to use but with a bit of processing it sharpens up quite well.