Urbex Palace – NON PLUS ULTRA

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Urbex Palace – NON PLUS ULTRA

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Having seen pictures of this hall I kinda knew what to expect. However on arrival I was blown away, intricate carvings all painted white, skylights letting in wonderful light. This surly was a place to behold.

I had high hopes of shooting a mega-panorama here, however it appears that it’s not to be. The regular settings that I use (60 degree increments) simply dont give enough overlap. Usually this works a treat, however this time the symmetry and regularity of the location just didn’t work.

This image is a ‘vertorama’, three images stuck together vertically. There was a fair deal of messing with it once stitched. The Free Transform tool was used to pull it this way and that to produce a fully square image with as little bend as possible. I’m happy with the results, I may re-process this at a later date to de-grunge the processing.

 (Mark Blundell)

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Viveca Koh

April 21, 2012at 11:39 am

Looks like you’ve done a very good job here despite the processing problems that came up. What an incredible location this is – I still struggle to believe that it is abandoned, but am equally glad to see that it has not been trashed or vandalised – hopefully it will remain this way.

James Howe

April 21, 2012at 12:38 pm

Looks like an incredible place to shoot. You did a great job with the photography and post processing!

Mike Criswell

April 21, 2012at 1:18 pm

Sweet shot Mark, amazing place

Bob Lussier

April 21, 2012at 6:28 pm

Great job on this! Vertoramas are challenging but very rewarding when done correctly. Can’t wait to see more from your trip!


April 21, 2012at 10:36 pm

Hello Mark,
This is an absolutely incredible photograph. I was simply blown away by how much it appears to be a painting, but upon closer inspection, is indeed a photo. It’s really that beautiful!
Great job

Mark Neal

April 22, 2012at 5:08 pm

Beautiful, Mark. Your post processing on this is incredible. Great job. I don’t see where any de-grunge is necessary. “)

Mark Garbowski

April 22, 2012at 8:08 pm

Just an amazing subject and outstanding treatment.

– Gregory Allen Deese

April 27, 2012at 6:12 am

[…] Urbex Palace – NON PLUS ULTRA – the most incredible details are captured and shared in this epic image by Mark Blundell.  An abandoned palace with exquisite detailing is the source of this breathtaking image; truly this is a must-see shot in this week’s list. […]

Chris Maskell

April 27, 2012at 6:44 am

Great image Mark, stitching looks really good

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