This was one of the highlights of the recent trip to Italy. I knew after seeing several images of this room that it would be awesome to create a 360 here. I wasn’t going to post this image as I’m not happy with it on SO many levels, but decided in the end that it would be worth writing about all the things I did wrong!

I happily shot my regular increments – +/- 60 degrees and at 60 degree increments all the way around. so 12 sets of images. Only when I got home did I realise my mistake. The room is so symmetrical that PTGui was not able to line any images up at all. I tried another couple of suppliers panorama software and they were also not able to line anything up at all. I was stumped and frustrated.

The software is set-up around using control points and automatically aligning the images. Even after manually adding control points the pano didn’t work. After looking into some more of the features on Pano2VR I realised that I could create a template and use that to line up the images. I shot a set of my front room, stitched it together and used that. Dropping the images into the template did a partial job, I had not taken the images in the same orderĀ  as is shown below – the top and bottom images are out of order.

After moving the images around I was able to get a far better match. This took about five attempts, getting close, but then binning the work as it wasn’t good enough. One limitation of PTGui software is that moving each of the tiles is only possible with the mouse which is not ideal, very small movements cause the tile to move quite a lot. A better solution would be to include micro nudging with the arrow keys.

Another issue that I came across was that of lens flare – each image has a small area with a purple tint, This couldn’t be masked out as there was not enough overlap.

The pano above is unfortunately the best I could manage. It’s by far the most challenging panorama I have had to work on, intricate tiles everywhere were incredibly hard to align. I’ve left the tripod in at the nadir to show how misaligned the source images were.In future if I take this images in this sort of environment I will be sure to include a set of horizontal shots which would make the whole job far easier.