Recently I’ve become a little jaded with the MMA photography due to a number of issues. I really want a different challenge. I know that I really like taking photos of people – both guys and girls, It’s a bit more technical and I really enjoy controlling lighting with strobes and lights so I thought I’d put a shout out on Facebook last weekend. A number of friends replied saying to look into certain websites, sign up and search out models for a shoot. To be honest, I am a member of loads of websites already and to me this sounded like a bit of a chore especially when I consider very inexperienced  and a bit of a ‘noob’, I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of a pro model.

A friend of a friend who I am FB friends with responded and we got chatting. I’d only met Sunny once before and that was very briefly at a kickboxing event when I was initially introduced, but looking at her FB feed I know she’d had a really hard time recently and it soon became apparent that she would benefit from having some pictures taken to improve her self esteem. She also mentioned that doing some posed model pics was on her bucket list. We soon agreed to meet in the week one evening for a bit of a ‘get to know each other’ and a few test images then to meet at the weekend to continue and see where things led.


I think both of us were rather nervous and despite swapping pics through the week we were finding our feet, lots of ‘what shall we do next’ from each other, both her and me unsure of what to actually do. Sunny was quite nervous and I was a little unsure of how to direct. I’ve only done one proper model shoot before and that was with two girls who had actually modeled before, so they were confident in how to pose. This was a whole new ball game for Sunny.  We were both learning, and my only real goal for the night was to get a couple of great portraits, nothing too exciting, but something that she and I would be happy with.


We had some great props too, you cant really argue with a Beretta pistol can you.



On the whole i was very happy with the outcome of the first evenings shoot. As always looking over the shots I was very aware of my shortcomings and knew that I could have done this or done that to make the images better in camera, but that’s what learning is about, every shoot I do I learn at least one thing. I think as a photographer I notice things that regular people wouldn’t normally see, so I’m very critical of my own work. Sunny on the other hand was over the moon – mission accomplished.

We reconvened on Saturday afternoon for more of the same. as it was daylight, this photographically posed different challenges for me. However we were both feeling far more confident and comfortable in each others company, trust in each other having been built earlier in the week. We shot a few more images in the front room and nailed a couple of images that Sunny was after.



As we were both feeling good about the way things were going we decided that it would be fun to do some lingerie shots. I think we were both as embarrassed as each other to be honest. For me it was quite weird having a woman who wasn’t my girlfriend in front of me in her underwear. I certainly felt as if I was ‘eyeing her up’ however in photographer mode I’m looking for poses, hair, bra straps, correct lighting and all that sort of thing from a technical perspective as opposed to actually looking ‘at’ Sunny. It was a rather weird sensation.


The above shot was taken with just light from the bedroom window with a little direction from me ‘look over there’! As time went on Sunny became more confident in her poses and with me shooting her, it was evident that by the end of the shoot that she was really enjoying herself. After each set checking out the previous images, she was obviously VERY happy in her appearance and confidence and really got into it making my job very easy.


We has some lunch and decided to call it a day after what seemed like only a couple of hours work, the four or five hours together flew by for both of us. The images have all been processed, but hopefully in a sympathetic manner. Images all processed in Photoshop and sent to Sunny who I know was over the moon, comments such as ‘I can’t stop smiling’ and ‘I can’t believe that’s me’ certainly make my day as much as my images have made hers. I’m really happy with these shots too, I’d love to do some more of this type of work. It’s different and challenging on so many levels from what I am normally used to


Sunny has seen a different side of herself  after our time together,  a side that she knew was there all long, but didn’t have the confidence to show off. I hope you’ll all agree that Sunny certainly looks great and that she should have no confidence issues around her appearance at all!

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