Although the mill is very stripped and just a shell there are a few interesting things left on the walls, well one or two anyway. I spotted this switch and thought it would make a nice subject and a change to use a different lens.

Shooting wide angle is pretty easy, composition is a doddle and it’s sometimes hard to be original. The 60mm macro on the other hand is a lot of fun and a little more technical. Getting the correct depth is sometimes a challenge in small spaces, this is where focus stacking comes in, something that I have yet to investigate.

The aim in this image was to leave the whole of the switch in focus and the surrounding behind blurred. The resultant image was ‘okay’ so I helped the blur along in Photoshop. I have used my normal workflow here and boosted the contrast a little to add a fair deal of pop, hopefully not making it too mega HDR!

 (Mark Blundell)

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