We have a newly renovated watering hole in Crystal Palace – The Alma. Viveca and I were keen to try the pub out soon after it opened and were very happy with the turn around from the previous version. The new owner Stephen Boyd has done a great job in renovating and decorating the property in only three weeks. I am a contact of @TheAlmaCP on Twitter as thought I’d see if Stephen would be kind enough to let me come and take some shots before opening one morning. After a brief conversation I was booked in and went yesterday morning.

Viveca and I went the previous night for dinner, which gave me a chance to introduce myself to Stephen and check that we were still on for the Saturday. He was the previous manager of the East Dulwich Tavern, another one of the local boozers that we used to go to when friends lived in that area so knew what to expect with the new arrival in Crystal Palace.


I had a couple of hours to shoot as much as I could, Panorama’s being the priority. Unsurprisingly the time went pretty quickly, and I probably didn’t get as much as I would have liked, but am happy with the outcome. Each pano is made up of 18 images, so they take around 10-15 minutes to shoot