Terres Rouge

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Terres Rouge

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Terres Rouge is so named due to the red earth that covers this area. I huge industrial area ion the border of France and Luxembourg. There isn’t that much left now, a few of these silos and  a powerstation remain, the rest is flattened. I particularly wanted to visit the power station again on this trip, however it wasn’t to be as there was a load of lorry activity right in front of it. I had to content myself with the wonderful concrete hoppers. I believe that these may have been used for storing or transporting coal, but not 100% sure.

 (Mark Blundell)

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Jim Denham

August 11, 2012at 5:45 pm

Great lines, textures and reflections Mark! It’s a good one!

Toad Hollow Photography

August 14, 2012at 6:47 pm

Absolutely incredible work here, my friend, totally top drawer!

– Gregory Allen Deese

August 20, 2012at 5:41 am

[…] Terres Rouge – great details, textures and reflections are all expressed in this picture from the studio of Mark Blundell.  Mark does a top drawer job with this scene in creating an image that is sure to captivate the imagination of everyone who pops by for a visit to see.  Definitely one of our must-see shots in this week’s list. […]

Script Themes

August 22, 2012at 4:13 pm

We love the whole steampunk / urban grunge genre, and your photographs have given us some great ideas for our next premium theme. Inspiring stuff.

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