My friend Danielle West of Team Underground MMA and New Wave Academy asked me if  I would be able to take some more shots of her for a fight that she may be doing in Asia for her sponsors  I’d had a day off on Thursday and suggested that it would be a good idea to fit her in then.

Earlier that day I’d shot Brad Pickett and after that drove to South London to meet Danielle. The shoot was fairly straight forward, one light and shot in the cage that they have at the gym.

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Team Underground were exceptionally welcoming and once again everyone was exceptionally nice, we had a laugh and joke whilst doing this.

The whole myth about ‘Cage Fighters’ really needs to be dispelled. Although I have only been involved in the scene for a few months, I have yet to meet someone who fits the tabloid stereotype of a ‘Cage Fighter’. These are experienced hard working and clean living guys who train daily and weekly to attain the best state of fitness possible. To a man, each eats well and doesn’t involve themselves in any of the daily vices that many others enjoy. If this were not the case then there is no way that they would be able to compete in three five minute rounds of hardcore exercise, both dishing out and receiving punishment.

The images were all shot with my Canon 5D mk3 and a 85mm prime. Processing is a secret 😉