Its been a while since my last post, and to be honest my time has been taken up with processing shots for Tate Entertaining.

I was asked to come and take some shots for Tate a couple of weeks ago, specifically their wine cellar, some portraits of Hamish Anderson, the sommelier and cocktails. Its the first time I have been actually set a task as opposed to taking shots of ‘what I want’, so a new experience for me, one that I found both challenging and interesting, Overall I’m happy with the results.

The day started in the Rex Whistler room at Tate Britain with a few wine bottle shots on the table and portraits of Hamish. These were mostly taken with a softbox up high on manual fired by remotes. The room itself is fairly dark with only small windows however there was a fire door that enabled me to use the available light to get some images of Hamish that I was very happy with, lots of these are SOTC with very little processing.


The cellarĀ  is in fact fairly small but absolutely jam packed with hundreds if not thousands of quality wine bottles. Now not being a connoisseur I wasn’t totally taken by what was there but was informed that it is in fact one of the best cellars in London. Photographically it was very interesting.The room was fairly cramped, but use of the Tokina 12-24 yielded some interesting images with some nice distortion. I also used my Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro to get limited DoF shots.


The afternoon was spent in Tate Modern on the top floor doing beer and cocktail images.


I had spent a little time practicing beverage / glasses over the weekend, so knew that I would have my work cut out as it’s fairly hard to depict ‘the glass’ of a glass correctly. I was luckily o have a ver skilled cocktail maker in Alex who whipped up may different weird and wonderful concoctions. It was a lovely warm day and photographing them just made me want to drink them all. however being on duty, that wasn’t allowed!

421.jpgOverall it was a great day with wonderful hosting and interesting, different and challenging photography. I’ve spent over 24 hours post processing, most of it very easy, tone curve and white balance to give the images more punch, particularly the cocktail images.

I’m happy with the results and so it would appear is the client, I’ve been invited back to do some more this month which I am very excited about.

Maybe I will be able to give up the day job one day after all!