I’ve done some work for Tate Catering a few times in the past and was lucky enough to get asked back last week. Tate Catering do the food for The Tate, both Tate Modern and Tate Britain, its generally high end cuisine accompanied equally fantastic wine.

I really enjoy shooting this sort of thing, It’s challenging from a technical perspective and makes me think about the shooting much more. I also only have a very short amount of time to capture as many images as I can. The food has to go to the staff who are there to assess the new dishes and suggest any tweaks that may be required to the chef. Best bit about this gig is that I get to try out some of the dishes as well!

Tate Entertaining March 2012 – Images by Mark Blundell

I was also required to shoot some coffee images, initially this was quite challenging, dim light with only a bare flash. Luckily I had brought along my softbox which TOTALLY changed the results giving an even soft light, something far more appealing.

Images of the dishes themselves were shot in a light tent with a flash either side at about 30 degrees to the subject and slightly above using the Canon EFS 60mm f2.8 macro

 Static gallery can be viewed HERE