Marconi – Cleanliness

Not Much to say about this one really - I've not been out exploring anywhere crusty for a while now and after taking delivery of a Sigma 8-16 I'm itching to get out again. I reckon this location will do the trick, there are lots of open spaces to take advantage of the wide angle. [...]

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Dungeness – ND110 First Day Out

Last week I got hold of a ND110 filter- that's a 100 times reduction in light through the lens. The principal  reason for this was to get some nice shots of milky water. Unfortunately by the time Viveca and I got to Littlestone the tide was out, so the water was a bit far away. [...]

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Dungeness – Hammer Time

I spotted this sinister Hammer on top of one of the pulling machines. Covered in grease and oil, the head flattened I immediately sawa photo opportunity. It had character, obviously used for a very long time and had no doubt weathered some storms. Often when I take a photograph I immediately  know what to do [...]

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Dungeness – The Dormant Monster

Another in the tractor series. This is pretty heavily processed - HDR and quite a bit of Nik. the original was not all that different though. Despite thinking that on the first visit all of the machinery was defunct I was surprised to see that they had all moved, so this either happened in the [...]

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Dungeness – The Cog

Another trip to Dungeness. This time the weather wasn't so kind to us. It was bloody freezing! Forecast was for sunny spells, but they didn't mention the rain. We were well prepared with lots of clothes, but were still a little chilly. I began to get a bit fed up because of the rain, constantly [...]

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DadiPark – Run Aground

The final destination on my trip to Belgiun was Dadi Park a disused kids amusement park. I actually found this place quite depressing. There must have been many children who spent summer days here with their families, enjoying the slides, boats and bumper cars. However the bumper cars probably weren't in the boating lake at [...]

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Nocton Manor – Going Up

Stairs always present an challenge for me - photographically interesting with lots of light and shadow, but generally in an enclosed space. It's often hard to get the shot that one is after unless there is a really wide angle lens at hand. My widest is a 12mm which on my crop sensor equates to [...]

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Abbey Mills – The Steampunk

Another from the archives. I visited this place some time ago. Its a Victorian sewage pumping station believe it or not. All the grandeur that has now given way to functionality in the modern world, overblown visual enhancements are no longer required. This was a truly amazing explore, bright colours and beautiful ironwork. An early [...]

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Filature EDP – Printing Blocks in Disarray

Another from Filature. This room was full of printing blocks, lots of them with associated newspaper cuttings atttached indicating what was inside. The image wasnt particularly inspiring to start with, but I think I've done a decent job of bringing it to life. I'm getting towards the end of my Belgium photos so will have [...]

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New Forest Self Portraits

I went down to the woods to see Mum this weekend and got up early (ish) on Saturday morning in the hope of getting some good sun-rays through the trees. I hadn't figured on the trees being in the valley and therefore not getting the rising sun so decided to have a mess around with [...]

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Quick post before heading out to The New Forest to see Mum. Had this one in the can for a while now and been saving it up for when I need to get something out. This was taken on the last visit to La Porte - all of the floor is covered in pigeon poo [...]

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ECVB – Take Control

So - last night I was struggling, however I did manage to knock this image out as well as April 1950 in the previous post. Getting this image 'just so' wasnt easy though, the contrast between the saturation of the rust and shine of the silver was hard to balance how I envisaged the image. I [...]

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Hasard Cheratte – April 1950

Must admit that I've been having a bit of a writers block recently. A lot of the images that I have are not u to the standard that I would like them to be. I feel as if I need to get out to the places that I've been again and take the shots with [...]

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Pyestock – Emergency Exit

After a bit of a flutter of Pyestock action on Flickr I decided to have a root through my own shots and see what I could find that was of interest. I came across this shot of the inside of Cell 3. I remember well trying to get this framed correctly and having trouble exposing [...]

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SNBC – Disused

Another quicky from the train depot. I really liked this train and knew that the prop at the front would come up well after processing. After watching Fotofreq's HDR tutorial I delved into Nik's filters for the first time. I'm amazed at the filters, it makes things SO much easier to get the effect that [...]

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Cristallerie – Keeping A Lid On It

Another from the glass factory Val Saint Lambert. Although I didn't see the glass that I was after there were still some artifacts left, dusty and weathered jet shiny underneath. There were many of these lids wrapped in paper ready to be finished and sent out to shops for eager people to purchase. It was [...]

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London Rooftop

My exploring buddy and I decided to have a late night out on the town again. Despite getting some info on another location we decided to stick with what we knew as we both wanted to get some shots of St Paul's Cathedral. We'd been to this location before but not got up to the [...]

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Cristallerie – The Polishers Room

After eventually finding somewhere that was open and not live I came across this room. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to find oodles of unfinished glassware but instead was met with an empty dusty room with not much of interest. I assume that this was a finishing room from what I [...]

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La Porte Earthworks AKA ‘Fullers’ – Spine

Another more processed image from Fullers. I spotted this image right a the start of the explore and knew what to do with it, however after putting the brackets through Photomatix I wasn't happy with the results, the window at the back was too blown out and distracted from what I was trying to achieve. [...]

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SNBC – The Trains

Slightly out of order shots from my BE trip, I was enjoying processing these shots too much not to put them up! By day four I was a bit photo'd out so was slightly flexible in my plans - one of the good things about traveling alone - I'm able to do as I wish. [...]

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Criminal Activity

After getting my new monitor last week I seem to have been filled with more and more excitement for processing. Coupled with that the purchase of some more memory yesterday I don't have to go and make a cuppa between edits while the PC thinks about things. So I've been going through some of my [...]

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Leybourne Grange – Analogue BW

Some time ago we went to Leybourne Grange, an abandoned and stripped hospital. I took one of the vintage cameras to shoot some B+W for a bit of fun. However I'm not sure which camera this came out of! I think it was the Ilford Sporti. Anyway - the images came out 'okay' and do [...]

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