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ECVB Panorama Collection


I posted this pano at the weekend on a pano Facebook page and a few people pointed out stitching errors that I’d not noticed previously, so I decided to have another go at it.After looking at the original I have […]

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Italian Hospital B – The Last Song

The Last Song_1_web

Here’s an image fron the reception of an Italian hospital. The hospital itself didn’t look as if it had been empty for very long, this part on the other hand was stripped and empty, a little decay was vivible, but […]

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Hospital C – Dreaming Of Escape

Breaming of Escape_web

Another wheelchair from Hospital C – there were loads of these about and I am sure its not the last one I’ll put up from here. This was pretty much the penultimate shot that I took at this location, and […]

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Lavoir à Charbon – Mechanised

The second washerie we went to was a death trap, rusty floors and stairs. However the risk was worth it. The machinery on the top floor was lovely, decaying gracefully. I have no idea what these machines did or how […]

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Italian Hospital A – Bedlam


High up in the Alps in a small village thee is an abandoned hospital. There are two well known highlights of this location, one is the chapel which is very distinctive, the other is the fact that there are beds […]

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Hunting Lodge A – Kitchen


There wasn’t very much left in this kitchen, a couple of sinks and that was about it. I liked the symmetry again and thought the varying textures and pastel shades on the walls would pop nicely when processed so took […]

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Lavoir à Charbon A – Pincer Action

Pincer Action_web

It wasn’t all manor houses and hospitals on our recent tour of Italy. On the way we travelled through France and Luxembourg, stopping off at a rather tasty coke washing plant. This was an interesting one as the site that […]

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Manor House T – The Chapel

Chaqpel One_web

I’ve been to several large houses in Europe that have chapels attached, nothing quite like this one though. In keeping with the rest of the property the whole room was painted with trompe-l’œil pretty much everything in the image apart […]

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Hellingly Asylum – Bricks and Mortar

Bricks and Motar_web

The weather had been inclement throughout the explore and as we exited the main complex of the asylum it started to rain adding to our mood. The destruction of the hall had almost completed and we both knew that within […]

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Hellingly – Gone But Not Forgotten

Whilst at Viveca’s the other day she was looking at her old pictures from Hellingly Asylum, this spurred me to have a look at mine. as this was the first place I went on urbex missions my early  images are […]

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Image Processing Tutorial

Cheratte Shelving_web

I thought that I’d create a post showing how I created an image this morning. I’ve been spending a bit of time brushing up on skills and looking into tutorials recently, so I thought it was time to put into […]

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Wool Grading Sheds – Ironwork


This is a pretty simple image – just an empty warehouse, but look at the lovely ironwork in the roof. They don’t make them like that anymore. The room was probably the tidiest, of the buildings at site, nicely clean […]

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Wool Grading – Dodgy Room #2


Here’s another shot of the room with the dodgy floor. After venturing across the bridge and not being sure what to find the other side of the door I was faces with a rather large hole in the floor. Luckily […]

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Wool Grading – Two Ways


I’ve tried to take advantage of the wide angle lens here and split the image in two. This was an idea I saw at some of the local asylums where the corridors are acutely angled. This is testament to having […]

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Wool Grading Sheds – The Switch

The Switch_web

Although the mill is very stripped and just a shell there are a few interesting things left on the walls, well one or two anyway. I spotted this switch and thought it would make a nice subject and a change […]

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North Tawton Wool Grading Centre


This is the top floor of one of the buildings in the Wool Grading location. I can only assume that this was a store of some sort – pulleys and trapdoors at the other end of the room and lack […]

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Devon – Wool Grading Warehouses

The Bridge of Wool_s

Sheep have grazed upon Dartmoor in Devon for thousands of years. Mills have consequently sprung up in the locality for several hundred years. These have all but closed now as the processes become more mechanised and automated. The sheds were […]

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West Park Asylum – DRUGS


Having visited West Park around 15 times over an 18 month period, I was fairly used to seeing artefacts laying about, toys in the children’s ward, beds and chairs etc. However it’s shocking to see that documents and logs with […]

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West Park Asylum – Frail and Bedazzled

Frail and bedazzled_s

This week has been an interesting one for me. I did my first ‘photo presentation’ at a local camera club. This was around HDR and urbex, more focussing on the urbex side of things and hopefully dispelling the myth that […]

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ECVB – Cockerill


Here’s my final panorama from ECVB – this is taken from the area furthest from the control room. More super pipes for you to scroll around. Hit the full screen icon (the right hand square) once the image has loaded  […]

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ECVB – Organ Pipes


This is the money shot at ECVB. Right in front of the control room facing the four massive silver pipes that extend to the ceiling. From here the true majesty of the site can be seen, it really is awesome. […]

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ECVB – Turbine Hall


Here’s the turbine hall at ECVB. Compared to the rest of the facility its pretty sparse. All of the interesting stuff is below. There are two turbines housed in here, one at the far end of the hall transversely angled […]

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ECVB – The Cathedral


Since the first time I went to ECVB  on a solo trip quite some time ago I have wanted to do a series of panoramas of this awesome location. The main hall is so vast that to take simple images […]

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ECVB – The Sky is the Limit

sky is the limit_s

This weekend we took a trip to Belgium. I’ve been previously a month or so ago and was quite unsuccessful at getting the images that I wanted, I was after some panorama images of the turbine hall, but unfortunately wasn’t […]

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Sheffield Toolmakers – Cubby Holes

The tool makers was covered – wall to wall on all floors with cupboards and cubby holes where product would have been stored. There must have been some very knowledgeable people here who could actually manage to find things quickly.The […]

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Sheffield – Tool Makers

Our trips to Sheffield weren’t all hunting for cool graf in the city. We had another location to try and search out. The tool makers was established here in the 1860’s and closed around 10 years ago. The owners manufactured […]

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Pyestock – Metal on Metal

Here’s the inside of Cell 4 at NGTE, this testing facility was used to test the jet engines for Concord. If you look closely you can see the props still left for Sahara on one of the pipes on the […]

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Pyestock – The Gates Of The River Styx

This evening I though that I’d have a look through some old images from way back when I started in this game. This was my fourth visit to Pyestock. Its the National Gas Turbine Testing Establishment. Pyestock was used to […]

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West Park Asylum – Time For A Cuppa

I’m getting towards the end of this set from West Park I think. I need a little break from relentless processing to start afresh. with renewed vigour. Its not helping that my 550D is in the repair shop after being […]

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West Park Asylum – UP

Another nice simple shot in my series of simple shots together with a simple post! I loved the peeling pain on this switch and the almost monochrome paint colour a lot, the rust breaking through and the shine of the […]

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