West Park Asylum – DRUGS

Having visited West Park around 15 times over an 18 month period, I was fairly used to seeing artefacts laying about, toys in the children's ward, beds and chairs etc. However it's shocking to see that documents and logs with patients names still left in place. Some a little disturbing making the casual visitor realise [...]

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West Park Asylum – Frail and Bedazzled

This week has been an interesting one for me. I did my first 'photo presentation' at a local camera club. This was around HDR and urbex, more focussing on the urbex side of things and hopefully dispelling the myth that all HDR is bad. It was a very fulfilling couple of hours that I really [...]

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West Park Asylum – Time For A Cuppa

I'm getting towards the end of this set from West Park I think. I need a little break from relentless processing to start afresh. with renewed vigour. Its not helping that my 550D is in the repair shop after being dropped at some point. Where and when, I'm,  not sure. but the pentamirror is out [...]

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West Park Asylum – UP

Another nice simple shot in my series of simple shots together with a simple post! I loved the peeling pain on this switch and the almost monochrome paint colour a lot, the rust breaking through and the shine of the brass switch itself. Click the image for a larger version and full gallery

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West Park Asylum – Cleanse Me

Another quick post this evening. Here's an image from one of the bathrooms at the asylum. I'm trying to move away from my normal style taking some different images and angles. Its actually very difficult. I'm now really comfortable doing what I do well, so I have to change and try to push myself in [...]

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West Park Asylum – In The Mouths Of Madmen

Although West Park has been mostly cleared of trinkets and other such ornaments there is still the odd thing to be found before the demo teams continue their assault on sturdy Victorian architecture. Here is a knife and spoon, unfortunately the fork was no where to be found. Seeing these made me wonder whose hands [...]

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West Park Asylum – Showers

I was surprised to come across the showers in this area of the asylum. Having been there many times before I don't think I've been in this area before. It has what can only be described as paint dripping from the walls. It's probably the most impressive sheeting of emulsion that I've ever seen, the [...]

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Monday Morning – Sleepy Eyes

Here's an image that I've processed slightly differently to my usual manner. I'm trying to add a little more colour to this one. I've used the cross processing filter in Nik to get a more antique look along with a couple of texture overlays to get the dreamy and slightly sleepy eyed look to the [...]

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Manor House B – The Lookout

I think that this will be the last image from the series for a while. I need to have a slight change of subject. I've gone slightly stale with these so will be returning to some asylum images later this week I think. This was probably the least remarkable room of the visit, however I [...]

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Manor House B – Organ Close-up

Here's a great close-up of the organ at the manor house. I though it would be rude not to get the macro out and have a go at capturing the texture of the dust. There's not much to say about this - I've used my normal processing workflow - 11 image bracket Photomatix / Nik [...]

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Manor House B – Wine Production

One of the rooms had what looked like a bit of a wine production line going on. I wasn't sure at first as the liquid was very brightly coloured. The dust looked pretty cool on the demijohns though.The red of the fireplace jumped out at me as well. Yet another of the great things that [...]

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Manor House B – No Way Down

Here's an image from the top floor of the manor house. You can see it would once have been a beautiful place to reside. I believe that this is where the owners may have stayed judging by the size of the rooms. This part of the house was actually one of the least rotten, the [...]

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Manor House B – Bath Time

This shot was taken in one of the first rooms I ventured into. Viveca was taking control downstairs whilst I took upstairs. The floor was quite dodgy here to say the least. It can be seen that there are no floorboards towards the back of the room and if you look closely there is a [...]

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Manor House B – The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen in the manor house was one of the rooms on the ground floor that had original features intact. This shot was towards the end of the visit and I was heartened to find this room with all the facilities intact. THe kitchen sink shown, a great Aga and two hand pumps for fresh [...]

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Manor House B – Living is Easy

Just a quick post before retiring tonight. This evenings image has failed uploading twice, so this one will have to do . It's another of the fantastic organ left in the front room. this really was a sight to behold in the afternoon sun. Although only one half of the two windows was unshuttered, there [...]

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Manor House B – Brass Knobs

Back to some less contentious issues after the last post. The conclusion seems to be both on here and Facebook, that we should leave things as they are. If everyone were to take something from a site there would be nothing left to see - like this lovely brass door handle. the ridged hold what [...]

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Manor House B- Spotters Guide

I've been thinking that I might write something slightly controversial regarding the Urbex mantra- 'Take only pictures, leave only footprints' over the last few days so here goes. I think I'll be doing two posts, one a counter argument to the other. Urbex is the exploration of abandoned buildings or locations of one sort or [...]

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Manor House B – Enjoy the Silence

This weekend we made a trip fairly far afield. After seeing a contacts images of this location I was keen to go and check it out. We heard that it was due for demo, so I decided that better go sooner rather than later, otherwise I'd only kick myself afterwords for missing such a treat. [...]

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Manorhouse GT – Arched

Here's a typical view of the architecture and decay in the manor house - somewhat crusty, but not yet falling apart (too much). You can also see the scaffold that has been put in place to bolster / facilitate restoration through the arch. As with all of these images time was of the essence, so [...]

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Manor House GT – Shutter Detail

Here's a close-up of the awesome old skool craftsmanship in the manor house library. This shot was enhanced by the lovely morning light coming in through the windows. I was really taken with the contrast between the light outside and the way it was falling on the pretty metal work. Goes to show that in [...]

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Manor House GT – Different Faces

This image is typical of the rooms in The Manor - tidy and swept. Ready for the contractors to come in and get busy. Interestingly there were a couple of paintings on the window, probably set up by a previous visitor. Not an overly interesting subject, but easy to process using Photomatix and Nik filters, [...]

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Manor House GT – Servants Quarters

Right at the top of the house were a couple of rooms that were still left with 'things' in them. This was the only one with a bed though. The setting indicated that this was probably servants quarters at one point. There was even a bell above the door outside. The room looked as if [...]

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Manor House GT – Up Stairs

Another quick post as its Friday and I have to have a quick turn around. I've seen many great pictures of staircases, but never been anywhere that I've been able to grab great images myself. Consequently in this location I went into staircase overdrive. Here's the view looking up from the ground floor. Click the [...]

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Manor House GT – Rent Note

Those were the days eh! Three years rent £13! This was on top of a pile of papers left in the Great Hall (which I have now found out was a library). Thing like this I hope are kept, it shows a good deal of history about the place, there were many other artefacts laying [...]

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Manor House GT – Neither Up Nor Down

I'ts funny that I often complain on here about not having any inspiration to process images. The advice from others - GO SHOOT. Recently I've been in good processing health and for some reason I've managed to rattle through these images really quickly - I have about 10 in the bank all ready to go.I [...]

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