Another Narcissistic Self Portrait

Due to Photoshop having a bit of a hissy fit on me this evening I decided to post one that I took last night whist messing with the flash. I really enjoy portraiture and it's something that I'd like to excel in. At the moment its limited to self shots. I'm not yet skilled enough [...]

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Beverage Shots

I've been a bit lax sorting out posts for a week or so now - mainly due to being busy at the weekends and the photo's that I have taken being not particularly up to standard. I recently received a light tent and mini studio -  both very similar, one folds down like a softbox, [...]

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Wine Glasses

Tomorrow I an off to The Tate to take some beverage shots. I thought that it would be a good idea to reacquaint myself with how to do this so that I can give the best performance possible on the day. I used Light Science and Magic as my guide and I have to say [...]

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