Urbex Palace – Rich and Strange

Another superb example of the decoration in the Urbex Palace tromp l'oeil covering the centre of this wall. Although this is a rather grand bathroom, I cant imagine it was very comfortable unless being fed grapes by fair maidens. Click the image to purchase. I dont usually use the fisheye very much, but it was [...]

Horniman Museum – Animal Nitrate

Yesterday Viveca and I went to the Horniman Museum. The Horniman is a collection of artefacts from around the world that were collected by the family may years ago when they were tea traders. There is a really wide variety of objects here, from a huge collection of musical instruments to skulls and stuffed animals. [...]

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Crystal Palace High Level Station II

Another couple of images from the underpass at Crystal Palace. The image is rather similar to the previous post, but taken from the other corner of the location. I've tried to bring out the texture of the flagstones a little mor in this one. The image below I have processed a bit more heavily and [...]

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Crystal Palace High Level Station

I've been wanting to do this location pretty much since I got into urbex, it's right on my doorstep - within walking distance in fact. Crystal Palace is so named after the iron and glass structure that was originally built in Hyde Park was moved here in 1854 after The Great Exhibition of 1851.  A [...]

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SHOK-1 in Borough

Here's another couple from yesterday's trip home. The artwork is awesome close up and I can see the time and skill required to make these images work. Here's the previous page from the other angle. Click the image for full gallery and larger versions.

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