Manor House B – The Lookout

I think that this will be the last image from the series for a while. I need to have a slight change of subject. I've gone slightly stale with these so will be returning to some asylum images later this week I think. This was probably the least remarkable room of the visit, however I [...]

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Manor House B – Organ Close-up

Here's a great close-up of the organ at the manor house. I though it would be rude not to get the macro out and have a go at capturing the texture of the dust. There's not much to say about this - I've used my normal processing workflow - 11 image bracket Photomatix / Nik [...]

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Manor House B – Wine Production

One of the rooms had what looked like a bit of a wine production line going on. I wasn't sure at first as the liquid was very brightly coloured. The dust looked pretty cool on the demijohns though.The red of the fireplace jumped out at me as well. Yet another of the great things that [...]

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Manor House B – No Way Down

Here's an image from the top floor of the manor house. You can see it would once have been a beautiful place to reside. I believe that this is where the owners may have stayed judging by the size of the rooms. This part of the house was actually one of the least rotten, the [...]

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Manor House B – Bath Time

This shot was taken in one of the first rooms I ventured into. Viveca was taking control downstairs whilst I took upstairs. The floor was quite dodgy here to say the least. It can be seen that there are no floorboards towards the back of the room and if you look closely there is a [...]

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