Manor House B – The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen in the manor house was one of the rooms on the ground floor that had original features intact. This shot was towards the end of the visit and I was heartened to find this room with all the facilities intact. THe kitchen sink shown, a great Aga and two hand pumps for fresh [...]

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Manor House B – Living is Easy

Just a quick post before retiring tonight. This evenings image has failed uploading twice, so this one will have to do . It's another of the fantastic organ left in the front room. this really was a sight to behold in the afternoon sun. Although only one half of the two windows was unshuttered, there [...]

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Manor House B – Brass Knobs

Back to some less contentious issues after the last post. The conclusion seems to be both on here and Facebook, that we should leave things as they are. If everyone were to take something from a site there would be nothing left to see - like this lovely brass door handle. the ridged hold what [...]

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Manor House B- Spotters Guide

I've been thinking that I might write something slightly controversial regarding the Urbex mantra- 'Take only pictures, leave only footprints' over the last few days so here goes. I think I'll be doing two posts, one a counter argument to the other. Urbex is the exploration of abandoned buildings or locations of one sort or [...]

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Manor House B – Enjoy the Silence

This weekend we made a trip fairly far afield. After seeing a contacts images of this location I was keen to go and check it out. We heard that it was due for demo, so I decided that better go sooner rather than later, otherwise I'd only kick myself afterwords for missing such a treat. [...]

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