Buckston Browne Farm – Jane Says

The farmhouse itself was quite unremarkable. nothing left inside and little decay, I would suggest that the place is pretty watertight and until fairly recently locked down. Now however there appear to be several entrances that are not challenging at all. There was a neat PIR system in place but this seems to have been [...]

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Cliffe Fort – Self Portrait

Sometimes when I go out exploring solo I like to have a bit of an SP session. When going out in a group, its customary to grab a crew shot however this doesn't always happen. I'm all too aware that I have very little time to get people posed and composed correctly. When shooting myself [...]

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Cliffe Fort – In The Stomach

A change from the asylum pictures was needed. I'll be back to them again soon though, There are still plenty in the bank. This was taken a few weeks ago in a disused fort at Cliffe in the UK on the Kent coastline.It was built in the 1860's to defend against the invasion of London [...]

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Cliffe – Wreck of The Hans Egede

Part of the trip to Cliffe Fort was to see the wreck of the Hans Egede. Unfortunately after being predisposed within the fort I didn't really have enough time to dedicate to the wreck due to the weather turning and advancing tide. I only managed to get a couple of sets of brackets off, none [...]

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Dungeness – FE119 – Gone Fishing

A welcome return to Dungeness images. I seem to have hit everything I wanted on this day out - images that I am very happy with that are in focus and fairly well composed. What really makes this set though is the light. Its not really something that I have thought about that much before. [...]

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A change from the UE and Belgium trip . . . . This weekend Viveca and I went to Dungeness. Its a strange place with a collection of small houses / huts on the south eastern tip of the UK. I was looking forward to this trip as I've not shot brackets at the beach [...]

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