Runwell : FIRE | EXIT

This is the first image I took at Runwell, well second after re-framing it. I was never any good at art at school and was always more mathematically minded, however when we were introduced to perspective I was instantly more interested - art with a mathematical bent. The straight lines and vanishing point immediately appealed. [...]

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Runwell – The Windows

This shot was thought about quite a bit and took a bit of lining up. I worked hard to frame it just how I wanted getting all of the windows in place and trying not to crop the radiator. I processed this a week or so ago and think it might be a bit overblown, [...]

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Runwell – The Ladies Bathe Together

One of the few tings left in one piece at Runwell were the baths, both in the male and female wards. The curious thing was that the ladies had two baths in the same room where the guys had a bath and a shower. They make for good images, shiny tiles, decaying ceiling and moldy [...]

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Tate Entertaining – Cocktail and The Kernel

After browsing around the Internet, I came across this superb tuturial about flash photography. Despite not having all the kit that is described there are some excellent tips and good theory in the 5 lessons, I would certainly recommend spending half an hour looking. The penultimate lesson discuses PP and had this nifty trick that [...]

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Beverage Shots

I've been a bit lax sorting out posts for a week or so now - mainly due to being busy at the weekends and the photo's that I have taken being not particularly up to standard. I recently received a light tent and mini studio -  both very similar, one folds down like a softbox, [...]

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New Forest HDR

Viveca an I went to the NF for the weekend to stay at Sandy Balls (yes I know)! Primary reason was to get out of town and (of course) also to take some photos. To start - here are some sausages. For me, I wanted to try really hard to get some decent brackets sorted. [...]

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Tate Entertaining

Its been a while since my last post, and to be honest my time has been taken up with processing shots for Tate Entertaining. I was asked to come and take some shots for Tate a couple of weeks ago, specifically their wine cellar, some portraits of Hamish Anderson, the sommelier and cocktails. Its the [...]

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Wine Glasses

Tomorrow I an off to The Tate to take some beverage shots. I thought that it would be a good idea to reacquaint myself with how to do this so that I can give the best performance possible on the day. I used Light Science and Magic as my guide and I have to say [...]

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The Playboy Club

This letter from The Playboy Club was found in the same room as the ceramic models and nude postcards - maybe there were photos that were used as 'inspiration' for the mould that is there.

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Another slow day on the photo front

More pictures of my dinner I am afraid. I do kinda enjoy food photography, its pretty easy to get a half decent shot, but can be hard to get decent composition. DoF with this type of image is fun. Most of the time I am using the 'nifty fifty' and images generally come out pretty [...]

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Quiet Day Today

Well today has been uneventful. Due to drawing blanks on three explores yesterday I decided to take a picture of my dinner. It has been nice outside so I was dining al fresco for a change. Chicken, peppers, couscous and some salad . .  lovely. It was very nice - that's about all i have [...]

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