Lulworth Cove – Contenental Drift

Another from Dorset and another that I specifically went out to shoot. It's particularly fulfilling for me when I have an image in mind ant actually manage to pull it off. the sea was right, the sky was right and I was actually able to process this how i wanted to as well, so all [...]

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Lulworth Cove – Terminal Frost

Here's a square on beach shot from Durdle Door - This was one of the shots that I particularly wanted to catch and besides the wave breaking slightly off square is exactly what I was after. Again as in the last shot the overcast flat sky worked out just right. Click the image for a [...]

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Durdle Door – The Door

Couple of weeks ago Viveca and I went to Durdle Door - Although I'd been recently the light was quite poor. THis day was overcast which was exactly what I wanted. I was after grey flat skies to contrast with the dark water. I also wanted to do some work with the ND110 for longer [...]

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Durdle Door Pano II

Quick one tonight before I dash out. Here's a shot from on the beach shown in the previous image. The last shot was taken from the top of the rocks in the right of this one. Click the image for a larger version and gallery.

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Durdle Door – Panorama

On Saturday I went to Lulworth Cove on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. So called because of all the fossils that can be found here and interesting rock strata. I've been here as a kid and recently with Viveca, but thought that a return visit was in order. Its a very bust tourist place, so [...]

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