Morocco – Dakhla Attitude #1

Over the last week I have had the good fortune to go on holiday and indulge myself in a little kitesurfing in Morocco. Suffice is to say that I had an excellent time and really enjoyed the break. I'll add a few more images and hopefully some cool 360s over the coming week or so [...]

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Lulworth Cove – Contenental Drift

Another from Dorset and another that I specifically went out to shoot. It's particularly fulfilling for me when I have an image in mind ant actually manage to pull it off. the sea was right, the sky was right and I was actually able to process this how i wanted to as well, so all [...]

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Lulworth Cove – Terminal Frost

Here's a square on beach shot from Durdle Door - This was one of the shots that I particularly wanted to catch and besides the wave breaking slightly off square is exactly what I was after. Again as in the last shot the overcast flat sky worked out just right. Click the image for a [...]

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Dungeness – FE119 – Gone Fishing

A welcome return to Dungeness images. I seem to have hit everything I wanted on this day out - images that I am very happy with that are in focus and fairly well composed. What really makes this set though is the light. Its not really something that I have thought about that much before. [...]

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Plymouth Hoe – Red Rail Blue Rail

There are lots of interesting places on the Hoe, little cubby holes, arches and steps. Its interesting down by the shore as the tide has great variation between high and low, weathering concrete and metal. It made me think again of the contrast between the summer and winter, in the summer this place is packed, [...]

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A change from the UE and Belgium trip . . . . This weekend Viveca and I went to Dungeness. Its a strange place with a collection of small houses / huts on the south eastern tip of the UK. I was looking forward to this trip as I've not shot brackets at the beach [...]

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