This weekend it was the turn of some Kickboxing at Super Fight Series at the SSE arena Wembley. Its a while since Ive been to Wembly, the last time was I think to see Duran Duran several years ago, this was a totally different proposition though. Upon arival my buddy Roberto from MMA Plus guided me in (despite walking around the stadium once). We walked into the cavernous space that is the SSE Arena.

We were met by several familiar faces. Having shot combat sports for a while its like a little family and fun to catch up, even if it is only briefly.Super Fight Series


Andrew Tate although iniitally scheduled to fight took up post next to Vinny Shoreman on the mic, I shall look forward to hearing the commentary from these two.
Super Fight SeriesSuper Fight Series  comprised of sixteen bouts, including two four man tournaments for decent cash prizes. All of the fights were well matched with a couple of standouts for me. Marcel Lamberts two bouts were greatas was Kielo Lambert. There were knockouts and  one contentious draw which led to a fourth round. Super Fight Series

All in all it was a great night. Supoer Fight Series had excellent production, ran like clockwork with all of the fighters being 100% respectful in winning or loosing. Considering this was the first event that Super Fight Series has put on I really can’t fault it and its a credit to the team that pulled off getting the sport on the big stage which is where it deserves to be.

Super Fight Series

From a photographic perspective again there is little that can be said against Super Fight Series, great lighting make great pictures possible, it really is that simple.

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