I was invited to shoot Stand and Bang – Large by my friend Kyle Greaves again. I’ve shot Stand and Bang a couple of times and its always a great evening. Kyle has a tight team around him, MC Peter Lowe with his exceptional enthusiasm.


Reffing by Chris Batcheldor who is always fair and certinaly knows when to stop a fight to look after the fighters.


The event was well run, on time and worked like clockwork. Eighteen bouts all evenly matched with fighters showing respect at the end of the fight. There were several IKSA belts on the line too withthe headline bout seeing Anders Fossam handing over to James Gridley



All in all a great night, throughtly enjoyable. Kyle has made a great niche for himself in Woking he could no doubt step up to another venue however the H.G Wells centre seems to be the spiritual home for Stand and Bang.


Of course the most expected event of the night was the muay boran bout between Scott Richards and Daniel Lopez, the result went the way of Lopex with a cracking KO in the second round.


The full set of images from Stand and Bang Large can be found here.