Slightly out of order shots from my BE trip, I was enjoying processing these shots too much not to put them up!

By day four I was a bit photo’d out so was slightly flexible in my plans – one of the good things about traveling alone – I’m able to do as I wish. I started off at SNBC after getting up late, it’s close to Charleroi so I thought a good initial stop for the day.

Parking in Lidl and walking the short distance to the train shed was a doddle. Once inside I was amazed to find 5 or 6 diesel engines in the green and yellow livery of the SNBC.


I have no idea how long they had been there but I would imagine that it was a number of years. The place had the wonderful smell of oil and grease and was pretty atmospheric. Starting at the back of the shed I setup and got the Toking 12-24 out. This has been the favored lens of my trip due to subject matter and speed of working . Working through the engines left in the shed, I think i managed to get some decent shots, some of me on the engines – after all which little boy didn’t want to be a train driver at some stage!


The heavens opened again with heavy rain, so I didn’t venture outside to investigate what was in the open. Once again the precipitation added to the atmosphere, wind blowing the massive doors open and shut banging every few seconds.

Photographically this was a very rewarding location. Excellent for HDR as the trains added a nice splash of colour to the shed.