Quick break form my GMdP series . . .  .I wanted to do something heavily processed for a change and make use of all the filter armament at my disposal.

This is Sinteranlage a steel foundry in Germany. Built in 1920 and deserted 85 years later. The location is made up of two distinct parts – the internal structure which is all but a shell, and the rusty hulk outside with the chimneys. It’s not quite as dangerous as Les Grandes Moulins de Paris but still hairy in some places. Wind was blowing the length of the building making lens changes all but impossible – dust and crud was blowing all over the place.

I was immediately struck by this view Рthe chimneys looking like a massive alien steampunk  behemoth docked and deserted, residents left to explore the land in which they had landed.

Processing was a little challenging on this one. I knew what I wanted to do, but not sure how to achieve it. I used my normal work flow which includes Photomatix, Nik filters and some curves. Then moved onto OnOne to get some harsher processing. I don’t normally use OnOne as I find in a little excessive and sometimes hard to control. However it was just what I needed for this image. Several layers were stacked up, tweaked, masked and opacity changed. Finally I had what I wanted. After applying the filters I was really happy with the results.

Some may say its a bit over-processed, but that’s how I wanted the image to appear.

Sinteranlange - Disused steel mill in Duisberg, Germany. (Mark Blundell)

Looks far better if you click on it!