One of the few tings left in one piece at Runwell were the baths, both in the male and female wards. The curious thing was that the ladies had two baths in the same room where the guys had a bath and a shower. They make for good images, shiny tiles, decaying ceiling and moldy sides to the baths themselves.

I spent a bit of time with this shot, lining it up and making sure everything was okay. I neglected to see that although the camera was pointing at the exact middle of the room, it wasn’t IN the middle of the room, but pointing slightly to the left. this has annoyed me, but taught me the lesson of ensuring that everything is correct. Its something else on the mental checklist for next time. I’ve learnt from my mistake and will no doubt do it again, but hopefully less frequently!

Dual baths in the female ward at Runwell Asylum (Mark Blundell)

A point of personal interest is that I have seen the same tiles (at the back of the room) in several different asylums . .how do I remember this – because we had them in our bathroom when I was a kid . . .now what does that say!!