This may not in fact be the kitchen sink, it looks more like a cleaners room! I liked the setting of this room, the five main parts of the shot work well together – cracked paint, window, sink, mirror frame and radiator.

I’ve taken a slightly different route with the processing on this shot. I wasn’t happy with the original image composition and had to do a bit of work to straighten it out and remove a door frame in the bottom left corner. My processing on this image was slightly inspired by an OnOne webinar hosted by Brian Matiash. Although I’ve used Nik Filters the idea was to process the image on Photomatix to give a less stylised look to begin with and then add the filters to selected parts of the shot.

I wanted to focus on the peeling paint in the corner of the room with one method and bring out the texture of the floor with another. I’m quite happy with how this turned out and I like it a lot, some may say its a bit overdone, but I think it works quite well. The flatter initial image was easy to work with and I was able to add or pull back the processing quite easily. Its a method that I will use again and another technique to add to the arsenal.

An abandoned interior image of one of the rooms at Runwell Hospital (Mark Blundell)

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