One cold November morning Howzey and I went to the asylum. It was frosty on the ground still and we couldn’t initially find our way in, the entrance that had been used before was boarded, but with a bit of looking and climbing we gained access. This was an early kick off and I’m glad we made the effort, the light was great as can be seen in this shot – streaming through the windows to highlight the parquet flooring. I can imagine that this was once very shiny, the cleaners taking pleasure in getting the mirror finish for their managers.

This is one of the typical rooms in at Runwell Hospital, stripped bare, but with a decent amount of decay, most of the windows still intact and the security obviously do a decent job, so its fairly well preserved.
Despite this obviously being an open ward there were plenty of cells to be seen too with lockable windows, bars and slits through the doors for the warders and nurses to watch over their patients.

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