An early start preceded an easy journey to Dover, the sun was out and the sky was blue. As soon as I arrived in France the Satnav took over. First stop RTT the holiday home for the Belgium Telecoms workers children. I managed to walk straight past it due to bad pin positioning in my map. None the less I had a nice walk by the beach and could have quite happily rolled up my trousers, placed handkerchief on head and gone for a paddle. I had other fish to fry though and made my way back the correct location.

The building is pretty trashed, no, totally trashed. I’d seen in posts lots of things left and was hoping to see some interesting stuff. Alas, there is NOTHING left apart from the bare shell of the building. The majority of the windows seem to have been taken out rather violently leaving massive holes with no protection to a nice drop, not even some stripy tape to warn of impending death.

He Keeps Penguins

Architecturally the building was quite nice though, Built in 1949 by Henry Lacoste (the t-shirt man) and left empty since 1998. Inside was corridor heaven with plenty of opportunity for half decent photography. The lack of any features and rubbish offensive graf made it fairly hard to take anything ‘different’ though.

The Desert Grows Three Miles A Year

I didn’t spend too long here, pretty much walked around the whole lot in about an hour; the building is U shaped and three / four floors. The searing heat didn’t help matters either and I had other places to go that day . . . . .