Powerstation X – Take The Power Back

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, some doing great stuff with Viveca in The New Forest, some in Europe on urbex tour.

The images below are from the interior of a cooling tower taken on the last day of our trip. we initially went to the incorrect side of a canal after following the wrong map pin, but seeing the cooling tower urged us on. The base of the tower was thick with sticky mud, a couple of shots at the base and we went looking for a way to get higher up. After a little scouting and stubbornness we found some access al be it with a slightly dodgy¬† vertical climb. It was just as well I had a compatriot with me otherwise I wouldn’t have fitted through a gap at the top of the climb. As my head popped out of the opening I was awestruck at the sight before me. The huge concrete pipe that would have once been the steam outlet for the powerstation itself.

I had seen pictures of this location and was one of the ‘must see’ locations on our list, but I wasn’t prepared for seeing it in the flesh. The only downside to the location was that there were people fishing nearby meaning that we couldn’t take advantage of the superb acoustics.

I hope you agree its a pretty awesome sight.

Power station cooling tower interior. (Mark Blundell)


Power station cooling tower interior (Mark Blundell)

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  1. Jim Denham

    I agree, very awesome sight!

  2. Kristi Hines

    Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Great capture!

  3. Mark Garbowski

    Overwhelming, yes indeed. Well shot, too. It looks remarkably like the interrogation room from the movie Brazil, which must have been shot in some other similar structure.

  4. Scott

    Awesome perspective and sense of scale

  5. Bob Lussier

    Definitely agree … this is an awesome location! Hope you have more.

  6. chrisdmrf

    Awesome work Mark

  7. Viveca

    Excellent shots Mark, you’ve obviously taken great care to line these up and it has paid off!

  8. Scott Frederick

    Incredible shots from a sick location! Good grab bro!

  9. Bruno Lombard

    Great shot.

  10. Jason Hines

    Absolutely amazing!

  11. Ryan Sexton

    It looks awe inspiring, it must have been amazing to be there. Great shots.

  12. Chris DeAngelis

    Great shots here! Love how you captured the size of the room in the 2nd shot!

  13. Jimi Jones

    Stunning images!
    Always wanted to see the inside of a cooling tower or power plant itself. Great shots for sure.


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