This is one of the first places that turned me on to urbex. I’d seen images of another part of the facility and knew that I had to go one day. A couple of weeks ago my friend ROMANYWG and I ventured there at last. I wasn’t disappointed. The power station is pretty big and we only really had time to explore part of it. Another trip is required.

the strippers had been there and taken a lot of the valuable metal, but there was still plenty left. Lots of people are not too keen on the location as it graf tagged pretty much everywhere, however I didn’t find it too intrusive and added a little to the atmosphere of decay.

Although the image is a panorama it wasn’t shot in that manner. I took three images from roughly the same point and realised that they lined up ‘okay’ When I added the HDR shots to my panorama software hey presto everything came together.

There’s a far larger version HERE

Turbine Hall at CT (Mark Blundell)

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