Back to Morocco and a rather nice 360.

I specifically went to the cathedral to capture this image. I’d seen interiors shots of the cathedral before but not a full 360 and certainly not an HDR 360. As you can hopefully see its a pretty impressive structure from the inside, outside is rather more mundane.

This was actually rather challenging to complete. PTGui struggled to line everything up correctly and I think it took around 5 attempts to get everything how I wanted it. I’d get everything just right, then realise that there was a particular part of the image that was skewed. I think that this possibly the hardest type of 360 to shoot due to there being so many straight likes, in fact there are no curves whatsoever, so getting the overlaps correct is essential. As it’s unlikely that I’ll return I refused to be beaten though and returned  until it was just right.

I hope that the fullscreen view really does show off the magnificence of the church.