This is the top floor of one of the buildings in the Wool Grading location. I can only assume that this was a store of some sort – pulleys and trapdoors at the other end of the room and lack of any further machinery to me indicate that there was no industrial use for the building.
Although fairly early on in the afternoon that early sunsets meant that there was a lovely light throughout, long shadows and shafts of light adding to the atmosphere. All in all a very nice location and relaxed explore.

 (Mark Blundell)

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I have used everything in the HDR arsenal in this image – from start to finish the process has been something along these lines:
Promote remote control to take 14 brackets.
Photomatix to merge the initial images.
Photoshop (obviously)
Nik Total Efex to sharpen and add my normal basic work flow that is applied to almost every image I create.
Topaz to add some funk
OnOne Perfect Effects for some subtle toning
Finally some curves and highlight / lowlighting