Stairs always present an challenge for me – photographically interesting with lots of light and shadow, but generally in an enclosed space. It’s often hard to get the shot that one is after unless there is a really wide angle lens at hand. My widest is a 12mm which on my crop sensor equates to a 18mm which isn’t wide enough for these kind of images. I have to wait for something to turn up that allows me to frame the shot how I want to, generally in older buildings where the stairwell is larger than in today’s more functional architecture. To remedy this if anyone would like to buy me one of  THESE – please feel free!

This was one such place, an old manor house badly damaged by fire some time ago. This was taken as part of an urbex triple header and 400 mile round trip on one day – early start, late finish. Two of the locations were good, another not so, but interesting none the less. This was taken in February so it was bloody cold and from what I remember it snowed as we made our way from the final destination of the day.