Last week I took delivery of a new mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S. Time will tell whether this is a wise investment or not. I don’t really use a ‘phone’ very much to be honest. Most of my friends have smart devices and we all mail each other about where and when we’ll hook up, the days of actually ‘talking’ to someone on a phone have long gone for me and that function of a smart device is actually quite a way down the list of ‘wants’

The main reason for upgrading from my old not so smart phone was that I wanted something that I can use to immediately blog / post images from when I’m out and about, this seemed to fit the bill. Its taken a bit of working out the best way to achieve what I want to do, and I’m still not sure if what I’m doing is going to produce what I actually want, which is basically a page full of snapshots. As you can see I’m still trying to get the hang of image sizes, orientation and effect (using Android Vignette).

Initially I was using NextGen Gallery with the public uploader, but actually uploading seemed to be quite hit and miss and there was another admin step to accept an uploaded image to have the image itself accepted and displayed in the gallery.

I have settled on adding a separate post for each image with a menu item on the left ‘Mobile Upload’ pointing to a particular category.

So here’s a taster of what I’m shooting whilst out and about in The New Forest in the South of England.