I went down to the woods to see Mum this weekend and got up early (ish) on Saturday morning in the hope of getting some good sun-rays through the trees. I hadn’t figured on the trees being in the valley and therefore not getting the rising sun so decided to have a mess around with the flash and take some self portraits with a bit of a story (that’s to come)

I took this image and quite liked it. I’ve processed it twice, once with LOTS of NIKĀ  filters once using native PS filters and curves etc. I like them both but prefer the native edit. I think its easy to go overboard with filters, it like being a child at Christmas opening all of your presents – what does this do, what does that do etc. I did have a target image in mind, but don’t yet have the skills to do quite what I want – rather like a chef not knowing which ingredients to use. I feel that my urbex HDR work is currently okay and I find it easy as I’ve got my own recipe that seems to work well, this is a different kettle of fish though.

Its a good exercise for any photographer to try something different every now and then I think, be it different location, style or equipment. I’ll be continuing portraits for a little while to try to get what I want nailed, that is until I go urbanating (as my colleague calls it)!

The photoshelter compression gives the effect that these arn’t that sharp, however they are both good.