Viveca an I went to the NF for the weekend to stay at Sandy Balls (yes I know)! Primary reason was to get out of town and (of course) also to take some photos.

To start – here are some sausages.


For me, I wanted to try really hard to get some decent brackets sorted. Having been inspired by Stuck in Customs by Tery Radcliffe. I really wanted to raise my level with brackets and good quality HDR whilst not going too eye searingly bright. Some of the images I am happy with, others not so. Generally I find HDR fairly easy, however my chosen subject is urban exploration, so I’m not so used to trying to take landscapes. I can take them and imo am ‘okay’ but I just don’t find them inspiring unless the light is tip top and processing spot on. I’m going to have to have a go at some architecture around London I think as its more suited to how I like to shoot.

Lone Tree No1

HDR wise the clouds weren’t really playing with mostly an overcast grey flat sky, however I have a few ideas and locations for the next trip. I think I really need to get up early and make the effort to get out during the golden hour at either end of the day.

Brook No1

Bottom line is – more practice required, both in choosing the subject, framing and composition . . basically EVERYTHING!