I’ve not shot at Muay Thai Mayhem before but heard good things about the event so had been looking forward to hooking up with John Jarvis for a while. The evening was held at Effingham Golf Course in a wonderful round room decked out with a lot of full tables and packed to the rafters, I do believe that it was sold out. Well run from the off as I’d expect from someone who has over 20 shows under his belt.

Muay Thai Mayhem

The evening got off to to a start on time with six undercard bouts comprising both Muay Thai and boxing before the main card took over. Muay Thai Mayhem has organised a UK vs. Italy evening with six or seven fighters coning over for a couple of days.

Muay Thai Mayhem

There were several belts on the line and from memory the UK team took home the majority of the honors. All the fights however were evenly matched and great fun to watch. Highlight of the night though must go to Paulo da Silva who retired from competing after a long and illustrious career having first started working with John Jarvis at Lumpini Crawley over eighteen years ago.

Muay Thai MAyhem

One thing that really stood out for me was the respect that the fighters showed for each other, often tapping gloves as a mark of respect after a heavy exchange, its not something that I’ve seen befor in martial arts so really good to see. Of course there were also hugs and congratulations between the fighters at the end of each bout as well.
Muay Thai MayhemPhotographically this was one of the best events that I’ve shot. I was a little concerned about the lighting at first, but those worries were unfounded.¬†Shooting from the corner let me take advantage of being close and as usual the 70-200 and 16-35 combination worked well. I’m getting ore interested in shooting standup now, my hit rate is still fairly low – I took 4436 images and cut those down to 633 in the end.

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