This weekend we had some car racing in the local park. Crystal palace was once used as a proper car racetrack, however it closed many years ago, but recently there has been a two day event hosted here. I was keen to try my hand at shooting moving cars and wondered how I would fare. I was of course after sharp cars and blurred backgrounds.

 (Mark Blundell)

It was actually far easier than I suspected. We found a couple of decent spots between the crowds and using my 18-135 managed to take some good images. I switched between this and my 85mm f.18 prime. The latter gave great sharp images, but the shutter was so fast that the cars looked like they were parked in front of me despite moving as some speed.

Motorsport at the Palace, 29 May 2011. (Mark Blundell)

There were also static cars on show which gave a good opportunity to turn up the HDR to 11 – not something that I usually do but thought that these cars suited the somewhat overdone processing.

Motorsport at the Palace - Ford Anglia (Mark Blundell)

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