I’d run out of portraits recently so posted on one of my local Facebook pages to see if anyone would model for me. R responded swaying that she was pregnant and wondered if I would do a maternity shoot. She wasn’t showing too much at the time so we scheduled for a few months later. We set a date, which we had to rearrange unfortunately, but this Sunday we managed to connect.

Maternity Photography

This is my third maternity shoot and it’s not something that I set out to do or to become particularly good at, but I really enjoyed spending time with R and her friend who she brought along to assist.

Maternity Photography

R had not modeled before and was another pretty lady who didn’t particularly want pictures of her face. I was having none of that though, she’s super pretty and deserves to be shown off.


This was an interesting shoot for me too. I’d setup and tested lighting the night before, mt studio light setting trimmed and ready to go. However in the morning the sun was shining and cast a lovely light in my living room so all of the images with the exception of a couple were shot using natural light.

Maternity Photography

I’m exceptionally happy with this set, R was an absolute star, she brought her friend with her who offered encouragement throughout, and that is certainly something I would encourage. I shoot tethered, meaning that R’s friend was able to see the shots as they were taken and provide ooohs and aaaaahs!


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