I recently put a post on my local Facebook group, I was inundated with replies and to be hones it was my own fault for not being more specific in what I shoot. Surprising that so many people hadn’t looked at my website to see my style. One of the respondents asked if I would do a session of maternity photography. Initially I was hesitant as I’ve not shot a pregnant lady before, and in fact its AGES since any of my friends were pregnant. Despite my initial hesitation I said ‘yes’ and  ended up making a date and wanted to challenge myself to do something different.

Maternity Photography in South London

I spent a little time doing some research on poising and lighting to see if there was anything that I should do differently to my normal workflow and after a short time was happy and confident that I could do at least a passable job. I deconstructed my front room and constructed my studio and was ready to go. My model, G arrived on time and was immediately chatty after making introductions. We spoke about what we wanted from the shoot and I explained how the shoot would run.  Maternity Photography in South London

We started of with sitting poses in the black dress that she Gosia had arrived in, moved onto standing both in the dress and in underwear. As Gosia hadn’t modeled before I had to instruct, something that I am getting quite adept at now (much to my models amusement). I often find it’s easier to start sitting or leaning as people who arent used to modeling need to get into the swing of things and not having to think about posing the bottom half makes the process much easier for both parties.


We got through a few simple poses quickly and did a couple of changes of clothes. Shooting wise it was a really easy job. G took instruction well and followed what I had to suggest, she was comfortable and I think we had a bit of a laugh as we were going too. There were several ‘wow’ moment from me, the lighting, posing and composition coming together at the same time, it’s such a joy when that happens and makes all the hard work worth it.

Processing wise I found the pictures challenging for reasons that I’ve not come across before. I like to go for a grungy feel to a lot of my images which doesn’t suit maternity photography too much. I really like the look, but it might not be the sort of thing that an expectant mother would have on the wall, which is the aim. A lot of the images I have processed with a soft look which is not my normally style. I’m really happy with them though.

Maternity Photography in South London

Initially apprehensive I really enjoyed my first maternity photography shoot and I’m overjoyed with the results, I hope that I can do more maternity work again, its great fun and  images seem to be very pleasing too.

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