I’ts funny that I often complain on here about not having any inspiration to process images. The advice from others – GO SHOOT. Recently I’ve been in good processing health and for some reason I’ve managed to rattle through these images really quickly – I have about 10 in the bank all ready to go.I think that the location really suited what and how I do my work and I’m really happy about that.

Sometimes ebbs and flows in enthusiasm and skill is due to personal stresses and strains of ‘real life’ trying to balance everything. The real job, 9 – 6.30; home life – the regular crap we have to deal with – washing / tidying and all that comes with living in a flat on my own; and of course spending time with Viveca. So please forgive me If I miss RTing / commenting on your work.

It’s hard to get proprieties right sometimes. If things aren’t right then processing suffers, that’s for sure. I find it hard to get the images how I want them and  am overly critical of the work I produce (there are plenty in the recycle bin I can assure you), having such a great set of peers, some of whom are listed below is both a boon and a curse. Flickr / Twitter / Facebook and general Urbex contacts,  you’re all great and immensely supportive, However, the bar is very high and sometimes it’s frustrating when I believe that I won’t be able to achieve such great images as I see on a daily basis. However when I see how far I’ve come in the last two years since I’ve been shooting seriously I know that eventually I’ll be able to produce exactly what I want, how I want and this is partially due to the inspiration and encouragement that you all give me. Its all about practice and getting out there pulling the trigger.

So thanks very much to all my viewers, people who comment on my work, and cyber buddies wherever you are.

Keep up the good work and go with it, sometimes things will be great, other times not so. But we all know that it’ll be okay in the end.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s today’s image from the most excellent Manorhouse GT (probably the best image from the set).

Staircase at derelict and abandoned Manorhouse GT (Mark Blundell)

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