Here’s an image from the top floor of the manor house. You can see it would once have been a beautiful place to reside. I believe that this is where the owners may have stayed judging by the size of the rooms. This part of the house was actually one of the least rotten, the floors all solid. However all around was  quite dangerous. the room directly behind me had no floor if I remember correctly.

The skylight let in a tremendous light and the fact that this was a warm sunny day only added to the feeling of amazement that I had looking around the property. The stairs balcony and high up window for me were the highlight of the visit and what I had come to shoot apart from the organ on the ground floor. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m really happy with how this has come out. Other images that I’ve seen taken from here are a little too desaturated for my liking and I want to try to keep a little colour in this series. As always the base processing is with Photomatix and Nik filters with the final colour cast created using some cross processing filtering.

 (Mark Blundell)

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