Back to some less contentious issues after the last post. The conclusion seems to be both on here and Facebook, that we should leave things as they are. If everyone were to take something from a site there would be nothing left to see – like this lovely brass door handle. the ridged hold what must be decades of dirt – maybe over a hundred years of sweaty hands and fingers.

I often like to shoot something simple – mostly light switches, but last Sunday I went on a bit of a door handle search. I liked the look of them as well at the opportunity to use a shallow DoF to blur the wall paper. The composition was simple – split the image down the middle and aim for the point of interest at the 2/3 point, which I almost managed. I like this a lot, the eye is led from left to right, interesting points getting larger as the eye moves over the image.

 (Mark Blundell)

Click the image for a larger version and the full gallery.