This shot was taken in one of the first rooms I ventured into. Viveca was taking control downstairs whilst I took upstairs.

The floor was quite dodgy here to say the least. It can be seen that there are no floorboards towards the back of the room and if you look closely there is a nice hole to the right of the bath, it was also quite spongy underfoot too! The floor below this was also VERY rotten, so falling would have probably meant quite a serious injury. Careful footwork was required here. I was actually standing on a plank of wood here so believed that I was fairly safe.

I imagine that this bath was used for either the staff upstairs (if they were very small) of possibly the boy whose belongings were in the room over the corridor. A nice reminder of people who used to dwell here in times gone by.

An abandoned bath at Manor House B (Mark Blundell)

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