I’ve been pining to get out and shoot some images over the last week or two. Trawling through past shots and discovering images that I’ve not jet processed is fun, but no substitute for getting out there and pressing the shutter release button. I think there is some excitement in getting home and sticking that SD card into the PC to see if what looks good on the little screen looks good on the big ‘un.

A few weeks ago Viveca and I went to The Museum of London and as we crossed the bridge¬† in the image below she remarked that it would be a good spot for a pano. I’d also had a discussion with a friend who said that it would be really hard to get images in town without cars. My evening trip managed both of these. As the exposures were 30 seconds any cars that drove past are not featured in the exposure.


I’m quite happy with this one, there’s some weird flare going on with the light that I’m not quite sure of, but its decent enough none the less. I’ve also found a sweet spot with taking the images so although I have to go around again (another 360) everything lines up nicely first time thanks to the Nodal Ninja and PTGui.